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Initially we had planned to launch a personal blog. However, I thought that having a site where writers could submit their own pieces of work would be ideal to give writers a platform on transfer news.

I’m looking for a team of people to post to the site as much or as little as they want on. The people that I am going to be taking on will all be capable of meeting high standards with perfect spelling and grammar. All work must be unique and will be moderated previous to being accepted.

These are the benefits to writers:

  • Have your work seen by a large number of people
  • Have a link to your Twitter profile and a short bio about who you are (if accepted) on every post you make
  • A select number of articles will be tweeted on @FootieWriter (www.twitter.com/footiewriter)
  • The potential to gain a following and a number of contacts

What we expect:

  • All work has to be 100% genuine – any piece that is submitted that has been ripped (either partially or in full) will be rejected and the account will be instantly banned without question
  • Perfect grammar and spelling (failure to maintain an acceptable standard will see the article rejected)
  • You can post as little or as much as you want (there’s no limits at all)
  • You to make interesting, informed and non-biased points in your articles

All articles will be checked by a professional editor and accepted or rejected based on their quality. As long as you can write to an acceptable standard, making valid points and your article is not plagiarised then it has a very good chance of being accepted.

Please note – work is currently unpaid, but there is no pressure to post, you can use this site as your portfolio and a couple of my current writing team now work for me as a paid freelancer (not on this website). We do hope to be able to offer this option in the future.

If you have any further questions, or to apply, email writers@footiewriter.com

Many Thanks


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