11 Question Challenge – @FootieWriter vs Ade Akinfenwa

Question 8:

FW – Question from @BerryJew – How many push-ups can you do without stopping?
AA – Good ones between 70 and 75 – I could make it to 100 but the last 25 would be…
FW – Half-arsed?
AA – Yeah, that’s about right.

Question 9:

FW – Just how proud are you of being the strongest FIFA player?
AA – I’m immensely proud. I didn’t realise how big FIFA was, and it was my brothers that reminded me that we used to play video games when we were younger, and we used to go through the players stats and attributes to pick who we wanted. So, to be acknowledged for being the strongest in the game, it’s an achievement. It’s just like being the quickest.
To be the best at one thing out of however many players there are in the world makes me immensely proud. When I do hang up my football boots, I’ll be able to tell my kids that. Even though now they know their daddy is in the game, and that daddy is strong when they’re older they’ll know it’s a real achievement to be the best.

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