11 Question Challenge – @FootieWriter vs Ade Akinfenwa

Question 5:

FW – Leon McKenzie made the move from the pitch to the boxing ring, he’s undefeated. Would you ever think about taking to the ring, or consider any other sport after football for that matter?
AA – Boxing wouldn’t. I have too much of a temper and you need control in the ring. If somebody was punching me in the face, I think I would…
FW – Just take your gloves off…
AA – (laughs) Yeah! So, boxing wouldn’t be an option. I remember training with Leon McKenzie and I’ve got so much admiration for him because not only was he a great footballer, I think boxing is one of the toughest sports out there, so to make that transition and to be undefeated, I take my hat off to him.
I’d be willing to try most sports afterwards. I’m a big fan of American Football so I’d love to at least tryout. I’ve always said I enjoy being the biggest footballer on the pitch, and I’ve seen some of them American Footballers and they’re big boys!

Question 6:

FW – That moves on nicely to my next question actually! There has been a lot of talk about a London based NFL franchise. How about a career as a defensive tackle?
AA – I do like to experience and try out different things, so I would like to go to a training camp and put myself up against similar people. Not trying to belittle what they do because to be a professional in any sport you’ve got to be disciplined and work hard, but I’d try just about anything. I mean recently somebody asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler, but I don’t think I’ll be going down that road, me in spandex, wouldn’t really work, but I wouldn’t mind American Football.

Question 7:

FW – This is a question from @ThePuntersPage – You recently benched pressed a man, but what celebrity would you like to bench?
AA – I wouldn’t mind bench pressing Nicki Minaj or Gabrielle Union (laughs).
FW – Right, I get that. I don’t need to ask why that’s the case!

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