11 Question Challenge – @FootieWriter vs Ade Akinfenwa

Question 3:

FW – You must have had some strange media requests because of your strength. At the FIFA 15 launch event you bench-pressed a man, but what’s the strangest request you’ve had?
AA – It’s become things like that now. That’s one of them, and then there was talk about can I bench press an animal. Somebody asked me if we could do that, or could we work it in. It’s becoming funny. I’m not really up for bench pressing a lion, but to be fair I embrace most things and with life as serious as it is if I can make things a bit more light hearted I’ll usually do it.
Just not the lion and the tigers…

Question 4:

FW – You’re very proud that you’re known for your strength, and rightly so, but you’ve also got a 1 in 3 games to goal ratio. The current (26/09/2014) league 2 top goal scorer Marc Richards, is well known for scoring goals, but his career tally having played a similar number of games is lower than yours. With that in mind, do you sometimes get annoyed as being THE BEAST rather than an accomplished goal scorer?
AA – Not any more. I used to get frustrated that people only focused on my physical attributes, and never concentrated on scoring 100+ goals. As you just said, my stats are better than some players who are known for goal scoring, but I think that anybody who has been in the game for the length of time that I’ve been in it knows that you’ve got to have more than your physical attributes like your size to be successful.
Now I embrace the other side. Now, with no disrespect to Marc Richards or anybody else, I’m a League 2 player who is promoting one of the biggest games in the world at GAME, there are not many players who do that. I’m known in countries that I’ve never been to and may never go to, so I can’t begrudge being known for my strength.
When I was younger I did want to be known more for other attributes, but as I’ve got older I think the people that matter are aware you’ve got to have more about you then just your physical attributes. It is what it is, and now I embrace being THE BEAST.

Arm Wrestle
It was a non contest right from the start. Ade knew it, and he surrendered unconditionally, and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

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