11 Question Challenge – @FootieWriter vs Ade Akinfenwa

11 Question Challenge – @FootieWriter vs Ade Akinfenwa

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing THE BEAST Ade Akinfenwa at GAME in a new series called the 11 question challenge, @FootieWriter vs.

You may or may not know that Ade is officially the strongest player registered on FIFA 15 for a second year in a row. He’s now doing a lot of promotion work for the launch of the game.

I met him at Kingston GAME store where he had been hired to protect the limited copies of FIFA 15 before launch on the 26th September 2014. The image below shows you both why he’s the strongest player in the game and why GAME wanted to have him as part of their security.

On a personal note, I would like to say that meeting Ade was a real pleasure. He’s a real, genuine guy who while fully aware of how successful and popular he has become, is really down to earth and happy to go above and beyond when meeting fans. You can also tell that he’s a real family man.


Before we look at the interview you can follow Ade on Twitter @daRealAkinfenwa. He’s just broken 100,000 followers! Also, check out his clothing brand BMO (Beast Mode On) here www.officialBMOstore.co.uk


11 Questions – @FootieWriter vs @daRealAkinfenwa


Question 1:

FW (FootieWriter) – Apart from your strength, what would you say is the strongest part of your game?
AA (Ade Akinfenwa) – My hold up play, the way I can bring others into the game. I think that’s my strength, and I also think I’m very good at it.

Question 2:

FW – You’re well known as being the strongest player on any pitch, and because of it you’ve potentially lengthened your career not just on the pitch, but also off the pitch as a media personality. Why did you decide you wanted to put so much time into working on your strength?
AA – I’ve always been strong. It wasn’t something that I just thought one day “Oh I’m going to concentrate on my strength???. If you see my family and my brothers you’ll see that we naturally from big stock, so I think my strength was always something that had been there, and I just think as I’ve got older I think people have realised more about it.
Now, I work more on my physical attributes because of that. I’ve always enjoyed the gym, and I’ve always enjoyed working out, and as I’ve got older I’ve started to enjoy it more. I was always a big person – I wouldn’t say I was slow, but I was never blessed with blistering pace so I think that being strong and working on that attribute is a good idea.

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