Carrasco, Gaitan and Viera: The Latest Superstars to Make the Jump to The Chinese Super League

Yannick Carrasco and Nicolas Gaitan are two of the latest superstars to make the jump to China.

Both are internationals for Belgium and Argentina respectively and played their football at Atletico Madrid prior to the big money deal. They have joined Super League side ‘Dalian Yifang’.

Despite the obvious step down in terms of level of football and publicity they will receive, Carrasco is certain it will not affect his chances of being in Roberto Martinez’ World Cup side in the summer. He also states that he did not make the move to China ‘just for the money’.

Gaitan has not commented on his move however, the Argentine had fallen out of favour with Diego Simeone and will also surely be looking for a chance to travel to Russia with the likes of Messi and Aguero.

Jonathan Vieira is one of the latest to move to China, which has seen him earn an eye-watering wage of triple what he currently earned at Las Palmas. He also didn’t hide his desires to make the move. You can’t really blame the Spaniard either, as many of us would jump at the chance to triple our wage. Granted, he was already earning thousands upon thousands weekly and certainly doesn’t need the extra money in his bank account.

The million dollar question here is what would you do in the situation of the 3 players discussed here? Would you stay loyal to your club and try to become a legend there? Or would you jump ship and make millions and millions whilst playing in a lesser known and lesser commercialised league?

Will the moves prove to be successful? Will they be able to adapt to a different continent? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think about the move in the comments below.

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