About FootieWriter.com

Welcome to FootieWriter.com.

FootieWriter.com is here to bring you all the latest football news, views, pictures, videos, transfer information and top football articles written by some of the finest, unspoiled and hungry football writers.


FootieWriter.com has been long in the making. After forming @FootieWriter back in August 2012, I had a number of ideas that I wanted to put into action over time. Having a quality website with great writers has always been one of the longer-term goals.

Personally, as @FootieWriter, I started as a freelance writer back in 2008, and it was not until August 2012 that I set up my Twitter profile. Since then, the growth of @FootieWriter has been somewhat incomprehensible. Without wanting to refer to my book of clichés, I did not expect to amass over 159,000 followers, but I am extremely grateful that I have.

My first step into the world of football writing involved drafting and editing articles for new blogs and football sites. Once my work started to reach larger platforms and my following started to grow exponentially I knew it was time to form my own website.


Primarily, we are here to offer an alternate to some of the ‘bigger’ names in the game. It is my goal to offer an alternative to the best football sites, but through social promotion. A big ask maybe, but having already recruited some of the biggest social media names to promote the content it is something we think we can achieve.

On top of the above, we will offer a platform for approved football writers to bring you (the reader) quality articles. We are also aiming to run some special football competitions, have videocasts and podcasts and feature some of the biggest writers and ‘characters’ in world football on the site.

It’s going to be a fun ride, so to make sure you do not miss anything from us. If you want to have the chance to write for us, simply click that link.

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